I have picked up a reoccurring problem in organisations. Departmental interactions. What a strange concept? Separate departments working together as one, to reach a common goal?

Believe it or not, but all organisations interact with numerous internal departments. I know right! Who would have thought? This often does not occur and is known as silo departments.

Just like a silo where different grains are separated from one another, departments keep information separate from each other.

I have experienced in my past company that each department watched out for their own interest for little regard for what other departments were doing. There was no communication with one another, which lead to mistakes, and duplication of costs. A lack of trust formed amongst the departments, resulting in even more information being withheld from one another. Needless to say a lot of frustrations!

If I was in charge I would have restructured the company. I found that departments did not have the same goals, priorities or even tools, and then operated individually. The lack of direction from the top management regarding regular meetings and formal communication gives tacit permission for employees to form silos.

Fingers were often pointed at one another, saying it is not our job and staff shrugged their shoulders, making it another person/department’s problem. Often the mentality was that our part of the job is done, we don’t care what happens thereafter. This caused a ripple effect down the company and had disastrous effects.