You’re walking through a forest along a dirt path. With each step, your sword and shield knocking against one another; a constant reminder that you’re in need of better equipment. You listen to the sound of the birds chirping in the trees and the slow trickle of the nearby river. You take in a deep breath as the sun gently warms your face. A new day filled with new opportunities.

In the distance, you see a village, and in the village, an old man. The more you walk toward the village, the more evident it becomes that he is in distress. Upon entering the village, the man rushes towards you, pleading for your help. It appears that his favourite cow, Daisy, has been slain by a nearby dragon. Being the noble warrior that you are, you agree to help the old man and set forth towards the dragon’s den.

A few hours pass. The old man had already worn a furrow in the ground from nervously walking back and forth awaiting your arrival.

Arriving unsuccessful, you feel rather perplexed as to why you could not defeat this dragon. You had defeated several dragons in your lifetime. Something isn’t right here! You walk into the local tavern and sit a while in thought, replaying the event in your head a few times over.

The next morning, you wake up with an idea. You finish up your breakfast and walk on over to the village’s library. You ask for the Book of Dragons. Unbeknown to most, this book lists and details all the kingdom’s dragons in existence.

After several hours of research, you conclude that this is a dragon of the North. A newly discovered breed. No wonder you didn’t know how to defeat it, it’s vastly different from the others! You spring from your chair. Aha, that’s it! This dragon could not be defeated as it is immune to silver.

You work all hours through the night crafting a special type of weapon, the gold-tipped sword. As soon as the sun rises, you embark on your journey, defeat the dragon and bring peace to the village. Everyone rejoices and sings your praises.

So, what can be taken from this story?

Well, a few things! Firstly, don’t give up. Problems may seem daunting and difficult to overcome, but with the correct skillset and knowledge on the subject matter, it can be solved. Secondly, do not assume that all problems are the same or can be solved using the same method or practice as the one before it. Be mindful of the “we’ve always done it like this” mindset! Lastly, remember that times change. Be proactive by enrolling on new courses in your field to keep abreast of new information and technology.

Build, maintain and improve your skillset so that you too can become the village hero and save the day!