Assessment Overview and 90-Day Plan Introduction

CxO Importance

Supply Chain Risk & Resiliency (SCR&R) is now one of the most top of mind challenges for companies to address (68% of CXO’s rank SCR&R in the Top 3) by Gartner, McKinsey and Deloitte.

The SCRM Consortium provides a 90-day SCR&R action plan based on the completion of 90 questions in 90-minutes.

Best Practice

The online SCR&R Assessment Tool is based on leveraging SCMRC’s 10+ years in the SCR&R education and consulting arena is built on an online learning platform creating the “AI Infused Prescriptive SCR&R 90-Day Action Plan”. 


Where you are in terms of SCR&R Maturity

Who you are in terms of Risk Appetite

How do you OPERATE in terms of your Operational Propensity

AI-Infused Prescriptive 90-Day Action Plan in terms of your SCR&R journey.

Pricing for the SCR&R Online Assessment & 90-Day Plan


SCR&R Online Assessment & 90-Day Plan for edukazi students